Mes premiers 1000 mots

This book allows you to hear and learn French vocabulary Talking book! He reads, knows the pronunciation, asks, corrects, and provides a variety of educational games !! And by using any smart device (Phone .. iPad ... Android ... Tablet)

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This book allows you to hear and see the words of the French language so that they may give you visual and audio information that is much more than readable Which teaches the child the correct pronunciation of the word, helps him to memorize, which makes learning fun All you have to do is scan the code from any smart device (Phone .. iPad ... Android ... Tablet) You can try a page of it or see a video showing how it works This book is distinguished as a talking book. You open the pages and notice the presence of important safety pictures such as home, school, classroom, city .... and other daily places. On the other side of the page you find pictures of the necessary vocabulary that the child needs for those places, and under each picture you find a QR code that depicts this The code after downloading our program The Talking Book House program from the store using the mobile phone ready to get videos pronouncing and explaining those words and on two icons, the first helps the child to memorize the correct pronunciation and the other tests to help him install the information contained in the book and more.

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Mes premiers 1000 mots
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