I like to see desert animals and mountains

Play and Learn series A useful and fun educational series that displays many videos and pictures, as well as toys and coloring for animals , This wonderful series introduces the child to the animal world, not only through written information, but by using any smart device He can increase his knowledge through the many videos and pictures attached And exciting educational games and fun drawing and coloring games.

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Play and Learn series This book is distinguished as a talking book. You open the pages and notice the existence of paragraphs Related to the title of the book (Promoter) you will find a code in the corner of the page. You photograph this code after Download our program for Talking House Program from the store when filming The code with the mobile ready will take you to a video that speaks this Paragraph and explain it in detail in addition to stating the information contained in the book It also displays many pictures and enables you to play educational games, jigsaw puzzles, coloring, and hear the sound of each animal, and questions and answers And more .....

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I like to see desert animals and mountains
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