Explore a world of Occupations

Discover Scientist series Occupations A series that teaches all basic knowledge of children Way to play !! Each page contains dozens of educational games It is like a teacher who is fun and loving for the child, who reads to him, asks and corrects him He even gives him educational toys as a reward for his answers This series follows the principle of learning by playing, which has been scientifically proven that the child uses all his mental abilities in it, which helps in rapid understanding and consolidation of information.

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This series is composed of 13 books

It contains all the knowledge and science that a child needs

(Animals - numbers - Arabic letters - English letters - colors - months - professions - etc.)

This book allows you to hear and see the book's information

This helps the young learners to learn correct reading and pronunciation

It also gives you questions about it !! And it corrects you !! And it gives a picture of its coloring, puzzles and amazing educational games !!

  All scans the code with any smart device

(Phone .. iPad ... Android ... Tablet)


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Explore a world of Occupations
3.500 OMR