1. Welcome to www.beisat.com ("Site") Beisat is a shopping website owned by Tornado Projects and Services LLC. It is the owner and operator of the site and is a company registered in the Sultanate of Oman under commercial registration number 1292741 , headquarter in Muscat - Madinat Sultan Qaboos.

  2. Please read these terms carefully before proceeding with the site registration as an online seller means that you agree to these laws, terms and obligations and to comply with them immediately.

  3. Seller: Is the person who registers (or whoever authorizes by him) on the site to sell his products.

  4. Store: This is the seller's page on our website.

  5. products: All commodities that are registered on the site by the seller or (who authorized by him).

  6. Warning: An alert sent to the seller (or whoever authorized by him) for violating the laws of the site.

  7. Expulsion: Is to cancel the seller's shop on the site because it violates the laws of the site.

  8. Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Our Services:

  • We offer you services as a seller so that you can display your products to our registered buyers on the website in accordance with our form of terms and conditions including:

  • Storage, organization and fulfillment of the order (like. communicating with a buyer about their purchase and getting payments from a buyer and organizing delivery).

  • Ship the products from your warehouse or from your headquarters to the buyer.

  • Collect cash and process payments.

  • Secure call center and customer service.

Terms and Conditions :

A/ Seller Commitments:

  1. You agree to read all our terms and conditions, when you register on the site as a seller you agree and comply with all terms and conditions contained in this file without any exceptions.

  2. You agree that you have no right to use our trademarks without prior written consent.

  3. It is prohibited to sell fake products (as per the Consumer Protection Law Article 3).

  4. The sale of invalid products is prohibited (as per the Consumer Protection Law Article 4).

  5. It is prohibited to sell counterfeit products (as per the Consumer Protection Law Article 5).

  6. You agree that you will receive the products returned to you due to the cancellation of the order by the buyer or because the products do not match to the specifications stated on the website within 15 days and in no event will you have the right to refuse the returned products.

  7. You acknowledge that you may be subject to a fine of up to 100% of the price of the products if:

  • The seller refused to execute the order.

  • If it appears on the site that the products are available and the products are not available in your stores.

  • An incorrect price for the products is written by the seller in your account.

  1. You agree that we may offer discounts on your products in which case we will add the discount on the invoice provided by you to the buyer and we will pay that discount by adjusting our commission.

  2. The seller must provide an invoice with the products upon collection by the representative of Beisat with the following stated:

  • The name of the shop and the commercial registration number (In case the commercial register is not available, the name of the seller shall be mentioned along with the ID number).

  • The price of the products and the date of receipt and quantity.

  • The invoice must be signed and stamped.

  • In the case if there is a warranty it must stated in the invoice, specifying the type and duration.

  1. Warranty must be provided for all products covered under the warranty (as per the Consumer Protection Law, Annex 2).

  2. Furthermore, while we try to be as accurate as possible, we do not guarantee that the specification of the products or any other content of any service will be accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free. You agree that we are not responsible for examining or testing the listings or the content of the services provided by us or third parties, and that you will not attempt to assume responsibility for any errors or defects in any of the lists. As a seller you are responsible for reviewing the accuracy of the content on your listings and you will not attempt to place on us or the content / brochure the responsibility for errors or inaccuracies..

  3. Products shall be replaced or returned to the seller if any defect in the products is damaged or does not conform to the specifications.

  • Electronics: In case the products are opened and found different from the description or image shown.

  • Fashion: Open products are accepted if still has original cards.

  • All other categories: Only in original condition with original packaging and includes all accessories ..

  1. Refrain from selling products that violate public morals (according to Consumer Protection Laws Article 26) For further details please refer to the Consumer Protection Laws.

  2. The seller must adhere to repair the products and do maintenance without delay or refusal in the event of a warranty (according to the Consumer Protection Laws Article 28) For further details please refer to the Consumer Protection Laws.

  3. Do not display products not available in the shop on the site.

  4. As the seller you take all of the liability and irregularities on all your products to any legal authority in the Sultanate of Oman and the site does not take any responsibility for the products you added in the website.

  5. Do not enter a quantity of products that does not match what is in stock.

  6. You guarantees, acknowledges and undertakes the following:

  • You have full authority to agree to these Seller Obligations and you must comply fully and at all times with all applicable laws, regulations and legislation, including but not limited to:

  • Anti-bribery, anti-corruption, export control and sanctions laws.

  • Consumer Protection Laws.

  • Import regulations, including with respect to species approvals.

  • Customs duties and other applicable direct and indirect taxes

  • Obtain all necessary licenses, permissions, permits, property rights and approvals for the products you list or that are listed on your behalf, in order to sell or promote these products in the Sultanate of Oman.

  • Your listed products meets the quality and safety standards required in Sultanate of Oman.

  • All products are new (not refurbished or used) and free from defects.

  • You are solely responsible for any legal obligations arising from the purchase or use of your products listed on the Site by users of the Site or any other third party.

  • You own or have the authority to grant licenses granted to you by us under the terms of the Seller; and any Content you provide as part of your use of the Services and any products you include does not infringe the rights of third parties anywhere in the world including, without limitation, Any intellectual property rights (whether registered or not),

  • You must include the dimensions and weight of the products on the site correctly and accurately. If the dimensions or weight are not correct, you will be responsible for any additional shipping costs that may be incurred.

  1. In case of changing the quantity of products in the shop must be changed on site directly.

  2. In case of changing the price of the products must be changed on site directly.

  3. Preparing the products for delivery within a maximum period of 24 hours from the time of receiving the order.

  4. By adding a product, you agree to our marketing, promotion, display and sale of the product on and off the site.

  5. In case the store is partially closed, the seller's shop on site must be disabled.

  6. In case the shop is completely closed, the seller's shop on site must be canceled.

B/ Anti-Counterfeiting:

  • It is strictly forbidden to list or sell any counterfeit or fake products on the site. All products sold on the site must be original and reliable. Prohibited counterfeit products include counterfeit products, fake or pirated copies of products, content or counterfeit products that have been illegally copied, reproduced or manufactured.

  • It is your sole responsibility to ensure that all products listed on the Site for sale by you are original, non-counterfeit and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

  • We reserve the right to verify and determine whether the products sold on the Site are original and authentic.

C) Site obligations:

  1. Paying the seller’s dues upon request (in the absence of problems with the order).

  2. Offer a signed and stamped receipt to the seller for the products collected by our representative from the seller.

  3. Deposit your dues into your bank account. Please write your bank account details on the website and we will not be liable in any way for incorrect bank account details provided by the seller.

  4. Providing technical support to the seller during official working hours in case of technical problems.

  5. Promotion and marketing of products.

  6. Returns the products in the same condition they are received if the order is canceled by the customer.

  7. In case the products have been damaged or broken by Beisat representative, the site will bear the amount of the products and be paid to the seller.

  8. All products are inspected prior to delivery to the buyer, which may be subject to a return, replacement or refusal from us if the seller does not meet the specifications listed on the website and you have no right to refuse the return.

  9. No vendor preference over vendor for any reason (all products will show on the site from cheapest to most expensive).

  10. We have the right to determine the content, appearance, design, functionality and all other aspects of the Site and the Services (including redesign, modification, removal and alteration of the Content, Appearance and other aspects of the Site at any time).

  11. We may delay or suspend listing, refuse listing, de-listing, or require you not to list any of your products as per our terms.

  12. We may suspend any of your sales for the purpose of conducting an investigation.

  13. We provide shipping from seller's store to buyer according to our terms.

Rate and commission:

  1. The commission of the site will be deducted from the price entered for the products by the seller.

  2. The seller must enter the price of the products including the commission of the site as shown below:

Penalties :


  • In case of non-commitment to provide products within 24 hours, a warning will be given plus a fine.

  • If the store is not disabled at the site in case the shop is completely or partially closed, a warning will be given.

  • In the event that pictures are placed on the site that do not match the products, a warning will be charged with a fine.

  • In case of non-commitment to enter the correct quantity of products on the site , a warning will be given with a fine.

  • If the seller refuses to repair or collect the products within 15 days or during the warranty period, the order will be deducted from the order value or from other products purchased with a warning.

  • In case of non-compliance with the product details in the website (picture and description) , a warning will be given with a fine

  • In case of supplement of products that does not match the customer order, a warning will be given

  • In case the seller confirms that the products are ready for collection and when a representative of Bessat is present but the products are not ready, a warning will be given

Each vendor has 5 alerts per year after which they will be expelled from the site terminating their contract

B / Direct expulsion:

  • In the case of counterfeit products, the package will be promptly delivered without warnings.

  • In the case of displaying corrupt products, the package will be promptly issued without warnings.

  • In case of display of counterfeit products, the package will be promptly issued without warnings.

You hereby agree to indemnify and disclaim our liability to us, our Parent Company, our subsidiaries, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, directors, directors, employees, agents, suppliers, subcontractors or licensors, for losses, damages, damages or expenses (including Including legal fees and attorneys' fees arising out of or in connection with:

Any claims or requests made by any third party arising from your use of the Site and our services.

You breach any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including without limitation any warranties, representations or undertakings.

Or any violation of applicable laws