Domino game animals

A wonderful game that raises the child's interest, increases his focus, helps to learn animals and their names, and strengthens his memory. Animal picture cards are evenly divided into 2 or more children (From 3-7 years old) Then a card of it is placed on the ground, and on the child who found a similar picture of one of the two pictures, he put his card in a way above the similar public neighborhood adjacent to each other. If he did not, he waits his turn for the next time.

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Domino animals game A game in which there are pieces of dominoes with animals instead of a game of domino pieces Standard numbers, contain 28 pieces played by two to two players Four players, each piece domino It is divided into two parts and has two drawings made of two different types of Animals, so the players distribute the pieces evenly to each player, and the player gets up The first takes a piece, for example: the piece has an image of an elephant and a horse on it, and the player gets up The second by searching within the pieces found with him on the piece that contains An elephant or horse to be able to complete the existing chain and so on until it is completed .Series Develops skills E the names of animals Its how to play dominoes Its child learns the arrangement He learns numbers

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Domino game animals
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