Sparkling girl
  • Sparkling girl
  • Sparkling girl

Sparkling girl

2.000 OMR
Sparkling girl
Strips and links
Hello girls! Create bright and cheerful necklaces and bracelets with ribbons and rings. Share your fun with your friends. This book provides you with step-by-step instructions for carrying out 11 amazing works!
It includes (48) pages that provide you with the necessary steps and instructions required to implement (11) work with its requirements (20) small links (50) large links (4) fine strips (4) broad strips.

  • Fulfilled by Beisat
Sparkling girl
Al-Harf Studio, Salli, on the floor
Unleash your creativity, go
Book (48 pages)
(20) Small link
(50) Large link
(4) narrow strips
(4) Wide strips

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Fulfilled by Beisat
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