Arithmetic Dominoes Addition and Subtraction

Great educational game It stimulates the brain and makes learning fun and entertaining Benefits of the game. Domino math game is a game developed by a committee of the best experts in education and education. This unique game will give your child many hours of fun, fun and interest. It contributes to the development of mathematical thinking and supports the practice of the basic mathematical skills that it needs Hey, your child

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The dominoes are divided equally between two or more children He who knows the answer and the hand of the appropriate number obeys his piece until all the pieces with the player are finished, and he is the winner The advantage of this game is that it has two sides, one for sports questions, and the other side for use in the traditional big domino game Contents of the game (30) heavy and large domino pieces _ with game instructions.

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Arithmetic Dominoes Addition and Subtraction
3.900 OMR